Friday, March 11, 2011


To improve my health (especially for my psoriasis), I'm planning a cleanse. I'll do the doTERRA GX Assist as a detox aid, and then I'll do the PB Assist as a probiotic addition. But during the cleanse, I want to make sure what I'm eating/drinking is helpful but not impossible with the rigors of life/family.

Bon Appetit's website is my first stop for inspiration. They have a Food Lover's Cleanse with days, plans and recipes. While I don't plan to actually cook each breakfast, lunch and dinner, but some recipes can add extra ideas. I've never done avocado smashed on whole grain toast, but some of my Miami friends swear by that as their breakfast each day in the peak season.

I need to get some basics to have around like almond milk and rye crackers. Giving up (at least most--besides a little parmesan?) cheese for a couple of weeks will probably be the hardest thing. I think I'll keep the really good carbs around instead of really veg-fruiting it.

This week I already had some fun making roasted sweet potatoes and a brussels sprouts/almond dish with balsamic. We also grilled squash and had some salads. All delicious! (The lentil casserole was a bust, I must admit.)

Old stand-bys like garlic roasted brocolli and smoothies will likely come in handy. I need to work in grains with fruit into breakfasts--oats, bulgar whatever. (A simple fiber bar is all I normally eat.) I'll throw things into yogurt here and there too.

I see room for miso soup.

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