Sunday, March 6, 2011


It has been an inspiring weekend for me.

Some things are the same in that I miss Eric when there's a great Hapkido Seminar he goes to; and as regards the girls, I miss his help. :) I get nostalgic about him when he's leaving and even tear up some. Once we knew we should be together and get married, we never wanted to be parted again. Dating was short, and I'm sure that was part of it.

This time I decided that the girls and I had a special opportunity. For one, I was in charge of how things went so there was a distinctly personal flavor to the things we do. Most afternoons have that flavor, but we don't have enough hours there to let things ruminate. (That reflection in no way takes away from the flavor of Eric or the fun they have--we're just different which is brilliant.)

Our schedule was flawless--we transitioned into each part of the days gracefully, and there was little fussing. There were no ostentatious plans to make every craft or climb every mountain, but we did some making and going, together. We played music more than relying on the tv and had lots of snuggling. We had the sleeping scattered just right so that each girl got one on one time here and there.

Another magical part was the gift of realizing how much I can get done when I make some goals and get to it. I didn't have Sweetness and our plans/lack of plans to blur tasks at hand. I managed to clean the house and keep it clean all weekend. I paid bills, organized some papers, started some healthy goals, explored recipes and folded a lot of laundry. In any case, it's liberating to realize that sometimes we really do have enough to get things done and be happy at the same time.

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Granted, I didn't take a lot of sleep or reading time. Those things are a luxury indeed. But that Mayan Chocolate surely helped!

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