Monday, April 18, 2011

My herbal kit (from

I can't say enough about the beginner's kit I got from Everything is so professionally done and packaged--simple things but so very nice. I've watched the tutorial on the echinacea tincture and have started mine, and I just watched the Healing Herbal Salve. I'll make that when everyone is actually asleep (for good!) one evening. These things are so much more approachable to me now, and I appreciate the Gallaghers' ideas genuinely.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

psoriasis and life update

So far it's been a rewarding weekend in terms of reflecting on improvements and then goals/plans in my health. The worst part (legs) of my psoriasis is looking a bit better today. I'm going to continue salt baths as my Papa recommended and to keep changing my diet.

Juicing is my next work. I got a great coupon for 20% off any juicer at Best Buy so I'll do that tomorrow while I'm down in Buford. There are lots of veggies on our grocery list. I'm not sure I'll totally fast (yet) with juicing, but I'm going to work on juicing in general.

Later I want to compare my vitamins with a more whole plan (perhaps through doTERRA--I've joined and am excited about all that).

Weight loss is another side project, and I'll incorporate oils into that in the next two-three months to see if I can keep up the slow moves towards health that way (which certainly effects my psoriasis along with everything else!).

Friday night I had a great dinner and hang-out time with my friend, Bethany. I so miss chatting with her so I thought, "hey, I can pick up a phone/send a message, right?" So we had Thai and talked until our households called after our well-being. Late night, late night. The power of friendship is amazing, and even though Eric is a wonderfully appopriate best friend, he's not a woman. It's good for me to grow and change with those kinds of relationships too (and not just with friends at great distances).

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Make Your Place is a terrific guide to homemade remedies and cleaners (along with a focus on gardening at the end). The pages are handwritten with adorable doodle-like illustrations, and the information is very accessible. I like Briggs' tone also--it's friendly and personal.

Saturday, April 2, 2011 is a site I recently discovered through ordering their beginner's kit. I just listened to the Herbal Ninja Webinar, and they seem pretty down-to-earth and family-oriented with just enough of the "goofy grape" (Eric's term) to be relatable for me.

We'll let you know how the salve-making and tincture-trying goes!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Florida Past

We spent the better part of a week down in Florida near my families (at Uncle Craig and Aunt Kathy's house on Lake Hiawatha) to introduce the girls to people and to their ancestral home, so to speak. There are still bits and pieces of it left, but I'm sure that most people don't think of "Florida" and "ancestral" being in the same sentence. For us it is though. It changes so rapidly, but our roots are definitely there on my dad's side. His high school team used to be called "Strawberry Pickers!" as an insult, and now Brandon is far from rural.

Here is a painting of my greatgrandparents' home: