Monday, May 23, 2011

Tea and Stories

Want to feel like you're right there in a perfect or horrible tea party in books like Alice in Wonderland? Look no further than Storybook Tea Kit Company! The prices are cough-worthy, but they seem a lovely treat.

Alice and Wonderland is the only book available for now, but they have plans with four or five others.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cooperative Games

Cooperative Games? I think we could use some of those. I just read quite a post about them over at Imagination Soup which is a lovely blog for parents.

I'm inspired by the family who makes these games and their desire to create a more helpful and less ruthless society around them starting at home. What a brilliant concept. The name of their company is Family Pastimes. Ages seem to range from 3 to adult, and it looks like there are multi-age games.

Amazon has their games if you don't want to order from Canada (shipping issues I suppose).

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Recipes for the Week


So the kale chips weren't so chippy. But I can mix what I have into lots of other foods I'm eating this week. Kale is kale, yum. I'm semi-praying (if that's possible) for the Vitamix that's being given away over at Thrifty Mama. A girl can dream. 'Cause I want to do the Green Smoothie Girl's blend and for it to come out creamy-like. Viva la Vitamix!

Otherwise, I made a rhubarb-strawberry-blueberry-rasberry crisp. Oh the heavenly smells in my house right now. Rhubarb has a root smell. It's quite suspect among the supposedly sweet offerings of Spring to one who is in the dark. But I chewed a few pieces while slicing, and it's tart like a green apple. Neat.

We have some brussels sprouts roasting also in balsamic and olive oil ready to mix with some almond slivers and white beans.

It really helps to have food on hand so that I don't go hungry (or end up eating horribly because of the awful convenience foods available when I'm starving).
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Friday, May 13, 2011

Birthday Tea Playlist

Tea Party Playlist

I'm a Little Teapot-Jim Gibson
Flower-Amos Lee
Crayola Doesn't Make a Color for Your Eyes-Kristin Andreassen
Les Etoiles-Melody Gardot
Happy Birthday-Innocence Mission
What a Wonderful World-Louis Armstrong
Club GROSS-Chris Thile, Jeff Coffin
In My Place-Coldplay
Friday I'm in Love-The Cure
Saturday Night's Alright-Elton John
Sunday-The Cranberries
Say Hey (I love You)-Michael Franti
I Drove All Night-Celine Dion
Queen of Quiet-Erin McKeown
Vega-Tables-Brian Wilson
More Than Words-Extreme
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star-Elizabeth Mitchell and Lisa Loeb
All Is Full of Love-Bjork

Now to make a cover...

(Pictures from our party are up on the family blog

Tagliatelle with Proscuitto and Orange

I know we're supposed to eat in season, hence my rhubarb purchase this evening whilst hunting last minute tea party supplies. (A rubarb crisp is currently being investigated.)

So I read a post at the Kitchn site/blog which had pretty in-season food pictures and led me to The Bitten Word blog's lovely pasta orange recipe. Mmm.

But I'm not a fan of leaving things alone, you see. I would've replaced the cream with sour cream...but the sour cream was weeks out of date. So no cream is still good. Enough with the animal products already. And sheesh, how can you make a Spring pasta without garlic or peas?

My version of the recipe:

-however much of the egg tagliatelle (or fettucini for that matter) you dig--fresh from the apparently sophisticated deli area of Ingles
-2 slices of the only proscuitto you'll find in town (obviously in said sophisticated deli area)
-2 cloves of garlic chopped in some fashion
-2 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil
-zest of one orange
-juice of half and orange
-two handfuls of frozen peas
-tosses of fresh parmesan (oh, go look at that deli...)

Cook the pasta as you typically would (which varies from pasta to pasta, eh?) and drain it. Heat the oil and sizzle up the garlic a bit in it. Add the pasta with most of the rest of the goods. Tear the proscuitto into pieces--this stuff practically melts like butter. Heat and toss on low quite a while--so that your peas aren't cold. Add the parmesan to taste.

The orange is suprisingly delicious with this combination.

high tea for three

Zoƫ is three Sunday. She jubilantly requested a tea party for her festivities, and we will oblige tomorrow afternoon. Mostly adult loved ones will attend since she generally has her fill of other kids at school. :) The one exception that we know of is her cousin, Emersyn who celebrates her birthday the following weekend. They're a year apart and both kind of timid with other kids. Hopefully they'll have a nice time together.

We didn't go to the detailed extent this time that we did with our Valentine's Love Tea. There will be good food and tea, but nothing requires heaving mixing, baking or cutting/layering. Low maintenance tea party; Minnie Mouse cardboard things and such. Real tea cups, saucers, hankies and tea of course! In addition, obviously there is a soundtrack (that I will hopefully remember to post soon) because some of us will never lose our love of mixtapes. (We're burning copies to put in her little treat bags for guests--we have kids stuff nested inside simple brown bags that she colored.)

Wish us luck!