Friday, May 13, 2011

high tea for three

Zoë is three Sunday. She jubilantly requested a tea party for her festivities, and we will oblige tomorrow afternoon. Mostly adult loved ones will attend since she generally has her fill of other kids at school. :) The one exception that we know of is her cousin, Emersyn who celebrates her birthday the following weekend. They're a year apart and both kind of timid with other kids. Hopefully they'll have a nice time together.

We didn't go to the detailed extent this time that we did with our Valentine's Love Tea. There will be good food and tea, but nothing requires heaving mixing, baking or cutting/layering. Low maintenance tea party; Minnie Mouse cardboard things and such. Real tea cups, saucers, hankies and tea of course! In addition, obviously there is a soundtrack (that I will hopefully remember to post soon) because some of us will never lose our love of mixtapes. (We're burning copies to put in her little treat bags for guests--we have kids stuff nested inside simple brown bags that she colored.)

Wish us luck!

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