Sunday, May 15, 2011

Recipes for the Week


So the kale chips weren't so chippy. But I can mix what I have into lots of other foods I'm eating this week. Kale is kale, yum. I'm semi-praying (if that's possible) for the Vitamix that's being given away over at Thrifty Mama. A girl can dream. 'Cause I want to do the Green Smoothie Girl's blend and for it to come out creamy-like. Viva la Vitamix!

Otherwise, I made a rhubarb-strawberry-blueberry-rasberry crisp. Oh the heavenly smells in my house right now. Rhubarb has a root smell. It's quite suspect among the supposedly sweet offerings of Spring to one who is in the dark. But I chewed a few pieces while slicing, and it's tart like a green apple. Neat.

We have some brussels sprouts roasting also in balsamic and olive oil ready to mix with some almond slivers and white beans.

It really helps to have food on hand so that I don't go hungry (or end up eating horribly because of the awful convenience foods available when I'm starving).
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