Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Birth Matters by Ina May Gaskin

For our little book club, we read Ina May Gaskin's Birth Matters. It was so utterly revealing--so many things I didn't know about. It would've been nice to have read it before having my girls even though I read a lot of other things. The biggest thing I didn't understand is how far we need to come in terms of women's human rights as regards birth, choices, health etc.

The second most important thing I got into was the paradigm that birth/delivery/pregnancy is some kind of disease that has to be treated/medicated rather than being one of the most natural things there is on earth. This view has lead to a lot of the injustices we see in terms of maternal deaths not being reported (correctly)--they say the rate of inaccuracy is likely 25-40% given the problems they already observe. If we had accurate data, we could make progress in avoiding these deaths. The CDC has a lot to say about the preventable deaths that occur as part of the birth experience (in hospitals mainly).

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