Saturday, July 30, 2011


So, Monday I was finding a babysitter so that I could go to the chiropractor. That hasn't happened for a LONG time. Our doctor sort of laughed and smirked at me since my visit was probably overdue in general, Hapkido or not.

Last weekend and its prospect made me nervous and self-conscious. I wondered if I could remember how to tie my black belt (which doesn't act like colored belts). I wondered if I could FIT anything--belt, dobok...

I did Georgia Mountain Hapkido's Black Belt Seminar locally since our Chief, JR West, came to town. It was an awesome opportunity for one. For another, Eric has really wanted me to have some of the experiences he's had in his journeys to Mississippi. Even if I don't always remember, he recalls my devotion to Hapkido with clarity. I do miss it so the day with Grandmaster West was terrific. I was stronger than I thought i was and remembered more than I thought I would. Eric was proud of how I did for my rank etc.--I always feel good when he's proud of me. (He has mostly trained me, after all.)

Another reason I did it was for my character and heart. Sometimes it's just good to get out of our comfort zones. Phyllis and Stanley gave us a great day (keeping our lovely gals) and even fed us afterwards so who could say no? Not I.

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