Sunday, July 31, 2011

Our healing basket


Several of the appealing ideas from "Seven Times the Sun" had to do with her chapter on healing. There are songs to sing and sweet gestures of tenderness to difuse tension and ease pain. One thing was a healing basket with things in it we use for those minor injuries throughout the days. (I use lavender essential oil like it's going out of style!) The hankie was a homemade flannel cloth that Lindsey gave me in one of her lovely care packages--it'll make a fitting cloth for young tears. We need to add aloe, bandaids and ? One of Darian's ideas is a healing water to sprinkle (like holy water maybe? since it's part of the healing blessing she prays for her girls). We have rose water so maybe that's an idea to try.

Other things from her book were a quiet corner with art, natural things and books. I have the perfect spot planned in our reading room. Her box of surprises is a great idea--you put it next to your child while they're sleeping before a lazy weekend and throw in things like books, easy crafts, snacks and love notes.

A family potluck where each member contributes something special they made appealed to me for when they're a little older. I want to mold beeswax with them while telling stories with them too. The one on one journal is neat for when they're older too.

The types of play areas she mentioned are similar to what we're working towards. While I've been working hard to display activities, that'll soon simplify and become mostly toys to keep things fresh for them. We have discovered so many neat toy ideas through simpler and more naturally crafted items. Playsilks, wooden toys, felted dolls. These items are just so beautiful that even as adults we're drawn to them.
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