Saturday, July 30, 2011

Seven Times the Sun

I'm currently trying to build my understanding of Waldorf education alongside Montessori education--two very different approaches in many respects. This summer has been such fun in terms of trying things out from both schools of thought, but I need to deepen my understanding of both styles in order to enrich our home with them. Enter Seven Times the Sun by Shea Darian.
It's a classic in the Waldorf world, and I can understand why. It's incredibly approachable, and each topic/theme has the same structure in terms of information. I keep wanting references and examples of things, and this book gives some of both. I'd like to try some of the home rhythms since routine is precious around here, even when it's our warm, relaxed routine of summer. The rituals in the book are sweet and quite lovely, but they're simple. There was plenty that I didn't think would work for our family and plenty that really could.

I think trying out a true circle time each day would be neat. I have a book just for that to go through soon. It's movement-oriented and gentle--I bought it thinking of Eleni.

Some of the story recommendations for themes are neat too--adaptations of Grimms' tales. We're working with stories this summer in very concrete ways sometimes--with dolls, figures, pictures to feel like we can retell them and become part of them.

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