Sunday, September 25, 2011

Granny Evergreen

I read on Bending Birches about telling the story of the Granny Evergreen (a German story) so I wanted to try something like that in our house. Here is the set up scene-wise.

I'm guessing that you could have two scenes for the part when they're at home with their flowers and toys etc? I hope Zoë likes it--she loves when I tell her the story of the little red house with no windows and no doors with a star inside.

I hope she doesn't dwell too much on the Ostheimer figures as they are gifts to our whole family from Santa this year. The silk is from our set of play silks, and the berries were hanging on a tree in our yard. I took some green wool roving and needle felted it together just a bit around the woman to make her look like Granny Evergreen.

It's a good story right now for the girls since they do tend to fight over toys etc. It's also good because Zoë likes to be helpful.
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