Tuesday, September 6, 2011

oh, the food!

I've been at this recipe thing today. It helps to have something lovely to do when your child cries for a while--we took Eleni's paci completely away today/tonight. It took her awhile to get to sleep.

Maple Greens turned out to be more than just a curiosity since I love different ways to have greens. This kale is so good--the maple syrup and soy sauce has amazing effects I couldn't have forseen. Ahhh.

From the same collection of recipes, I tried a banana nut smoothie; and it was also stellar! Half of it will be there to make me happy tomorrow!

These two beauts come from a collection of recipes (Autumn Afterschool menu) from Little Acorn Learning. (They make a wide range of resources from childcare guides to enrichment books with crafts and activities each month that you can do with children. They also make menus.) There's one called "Onigiri" which is sushi-like balls. Eric and I are making those to try Friday evening. Rolled up in the sushi rice and nori, I'll be trying some (fake) crab, cucumber and maybe carrots. I ate up my avocado already. :) Eric will venture out with crab.

Tomorrow, we pursue the crockpot wonder(s) of pomegranate beef. The list of ingredients made me very happy, and I'll be interested to know Eric's response to the flavors. I got this one from Stephanie O'Dea's website--she has written a couple of books about crockpot exploration since she gave herself and her family only crockpot meals for an entire year.

Good Housekeeping this month has a series of meals and snacks for good health and slimming down. It has some good ideas for variety. For breakfast this morning I did a frozen waffle toasted with turkey (they call for ham) and swiss cheese on top. It was a great way to start my morning. I'm interested in working snack ideas from this page or two.

I also want to try quinoa and mango porridge from Bending Birches. I keep getting messed up mangos though...

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