Thursday, November 24, 2011


Each year is different. This one, 2011 (with bits of 2010), leaves me thankful for...

-Sweetness and his true, friend-hearted companionship despite our varied interests--he always encourages and helps me do the things I think are important or just special/neat

-my Zoë whose heart is bottomless and whose little mind is brimming with new ideas

-my Eleni whose connection fills me with the most tangible peace I've ever known even though she can storm with the best of them. :)

-my Momma--she spent the better part of 2010-2011 helping me while I birthed Eleni and then cared for her (and me and Zoë) during her most vulnerable year

-my Daddy who drove back and forth tirelessly to still be with us and Mom and who still does things for his little girl to be helpful anyway he can

-our friends and extended family who share our special times with us

-the times when both girls are feeling well at the same time

-that both of my children are so genuine and have the love and support from all of us to be themselves no matter what

-the small patch of time when I improved my health and lost some weight (18 lbs actually)--it reminds me that it's possible even if it takes a while

-the ever growing knowledge and wisdom that I have the ultimate say in my wellness and can choose the right things/ways if I have the guts and discipline to

-all the books I get to read when I find moments

-tea, hot tea (preferably with books)

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