Thursday, January 12, 2012

Re-Boot Camp has begun!

Tonight has been night two of my eight week "Re-Boot" Camp at our local YMCA. Our trainer is a friend and motivated us to some deep soreness etc. :) I'm not actually a fan of circuit training (which we do twice a week together) and motivation to catch up to people etc., but it is what it is that way. Certainly I can work out hard regardless of the format.

The other aspects of the week are solo but accountable when we meet which I like. Jen helped me modify our typical interval training (treadmills and the like) to try things I like and can do at home like kicking. Eric wants to kick along with me. I did my cardio tonight like a good girl (Zumba DVD), and Eric and I ate well (salmon etc.). (I'm liking my food log because the variety of foods I typically eat actually encourage me on this journey--like one part of it isn't that hard to improve.)

Food is an interesting issue for me right now though. There are differing opinions about health/wellness as regards diet. There's the whole Nourishing Traditions community (book is in progress for me), and there are the traditional diet peeps who go low fat etc. (Let's not exclude the vegetarian/vegan peeps as an third important generalized camp.) All three perspectives have some claim on my mentality. I'm working through the later two in order to feel balanced in my understanding and to then build a base for myself. Still, I'm going to follow Jen's advice at least often so that I can be true to the program here and achieve the results indicated by it. Afterwards, I'll balance everything the way I need to if changes are good.

Right now, I have a new recipe in the oven: Baked Oatmeal with Blueberries and Bananas.

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