Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentines for School

The girls already have their little bags full of goodies for friends and teachers.

Eleni has small crocheted hearts bound in a paper Valentine with a sticker for friends and a lavender heart bound by a bigger crocheted heart for teachers. There are also big pink marshmallow hearts for helpers.

Zoë has danish hearts we made with things inside like the lavender hearts, beaded hearts she made and crocheted ones. For friends, she has the same paper Valentines, a lavender heart and a tiny button/pin they can wear. Pink heart marshmallows for helpers too!
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Jane Foster made the bags. Our amazing Paula made the lavender sachets. The pins are from Panda Love Shop. The Valentines are from The Fox and the Teacup. Empire of Six did the crocheted hearts. The stickers are from Autumnleah. Etsy has been our hero for Valentine's Day!

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