Saturday, March 24, 2012

Easter baskets and treats

For the girls' baskets this year, we got them some bolga baskets that they can use with many activities we do like picking fruit, going to farmers' markets, toting goodies wherever...

Zoë's basket (so far--mostly done) has animal puppett tattoos, a sleepy elephant toy with a pocket, a rainbow flower necklace, treats that I left in the basket, a love bean that grows, pretty flower/pink ribbon, a book, headbands and watercolor pencils.

Eleni's basket has a bunny pillow like Zoë's, bright Indian elephants with little bells to hang, a love bean, a couple of books (including stickers), a little magnifying glass all her own, a wooden Mrs. Acorn (Elsa Beskow), and Stockmar watercolors (paints).

We're doing little baskets and treats for teachers and Sofia.
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