Friday, May 11, 2012

Z Turns 4, Party Saturday

Things are mostly ready for Z's birthday party which is tomorrow morning. We still need to set out food, find our nice tablecloth etc. The kids will repot begonias in little clay pots and decorate tote bags with fabric paint and markers for garden produce. The theme will be the garden so hopefully those things will work out for our sweet little people.
We have here the big doll gift ready and wrapped in a silk. Her doll has a birthday crown just like hers. She's getting very excited as she starts to see decorations and hints of party coming. The book is something I made in lieu of a birthday card--it reflects on the last years, her current interests and the birthday itself. In the center there is our birthday ring which we set up for each one of us. The rainbow silk is draped on the birthday person's chair, and we have the pink birthday crown just for Z.
We laid down on a birthday pillowcase tonight and read the birthday poem I found on Frontier Dreams: When I have said my evening prayer, And my clothes are folded on the chair, And mother switches off the light, I'll still be ___ years old tonight. But from the very break of day, Before the children rise and play, Before the darkness turns to gold, Tomorrow, I'll be ___ years old. ___ kisses when I wake, ___ candles on my cake.

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