Friday, June 29, 2012

Pouring set

Earlier this month, we purchased two blue cups from Greenheart Shops so that E would have a special cup to practice drinking without a lid or a straw. (At school next year they won't use them. Along with that comes our practice of the potty too--it's all a bit rough around the edges.) For what it's worth, we liked to buy the cups since they were hand-painted by women in third world countries for a fair wage.
Well, then they had a significant sale, so we picked up two more cups, a tray and a pitcher. Often, we try to practice pouring given Montessori wisdom about such fine motor and practical life skills. This pitcher might be big for Z right now--we'll have to see. If so, she will grow into it. It's a lovely set now--love those little birds. This is the Eva line, by the way.

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