Saturday, June 9, 2012

Sage Market Saturday

While Eric had a full day ahead with a Black Belt Test, we carved out an hour for me to play at our Sage Market and to get a cup of coffee. We got excellent breads from Finnegans' Baked Goods. Even though I like to make bread and want to make more, it's hard to resist their treats! We also bought lovely flowers from some young girls--for six dollars, I now have six vases of varying sizes around the house with beaUtiful hydrangeas. I read online that to freeze basil, it's good to chop it up and freeze into cubes and then store them as long as we want. It's said that water really helps to keep and bring out the flavor. Our basil plant is pretty strong so we have to harvest from time to time. In fact, the whole garden is giant--crazy sized squash/zucchini, tons of tomatoes ready to turn colors. But I see that now as a problem in that it's evidence that I messed up as regards fertilizer. I used 10-10-10 which seems okay, but it zaps the soil of the nitrogen etc. (which is why our harvest is crazy)--I don't want to damage that soil to where following years aren't good. So I'll use compost and really work on the soil this winter. Maybe I can repair the damage over time? Taylor Creek Farm (our CSA) had an awesome variety at the market--I've been looking for new recipes so I can make this week's menu. Hopefully we'll find new ways for the kids to try these vegetables!

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  1. For what it's worth, Eric wasn't impressed with the basil cubes when he used them. Maybe they'll be good in soups?