Monday, June 25, 2012

Seasonal Intelligence Course

I'm excited to share some information about a class I'm taking online. It's called Seasonal Intelligence, and it's taught by Lindsay Wilson. She's relatively new to our general region, and I consider her an absolute jewel of a discovery. First, some friends and I went to her Fantastic Fermentation workshop (saurkraut, sourdough and kombucha), and this came along when I was starting to delve into the Weston A. Price Foundation's way of nutrition etc. (synchronicity!). I've been reading parts of Sally Fallon's Nourishing Traditions so the prime is pumped, and I'm in a place to learn a lot these days. This summer has been such a relieving well that way (socially too). Our course is obviously based around the seasons, and it's set up with a web chat/conference call where we can view a powerpoint as Lindsay teaches, and there's written and verbal space for us to ask questions. Participants are from various places which is neat too. This week, we looked at summer herbs, the way Traditional Chinese Medicine focuses on the heart and small intestine, good fats, healthy salts and electrolytes. It's amazing to pack so much in 90 minutes so we can email her questions later too. I'd like to experiment with yarrow and red clover this month. As for the healthy fats, I want to do some more reading about rendering them (the way the Lakota do, for example, and maybe learn more from my friend, Cavonna, who raises and processes a lot of her own pork and chicken).

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