Thursday, June 14, 2012

Some foraging, some gifting

Sweetness knew I was having a tough day--lots of kids coughing and throwing up etc. So he foraged in the area right around his class and got delicious blackberries (which became mini crisps that we had for dessert last night). He also brought a couple of flowers from the multitudes there. I need to recount Sweetness' relationship with blackberries and my crisps in general. He usually finds my crisps (normal size) to be too mushy--somehow that topping doesn't stay crisp when juices move around. His grandmother promised him and a cousin that she'd make them a blackberry cobbler each if they'd go pick enough blackberries. They did, and he made himself SICK eating it. So these are probably the first blackberries he's had since that juncture in his childhood. And he liked them. Crispy and not sickness-inducing via memories. Success.

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