Friday, June 29, 2012

You Can Heal Your Life

You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay is a book that I kept running into for about a year. It seemed kinda hokey etc., and I didn't really see the need to read another self-help book right away. But I did read it, and I came away with some mixed feelings. Something I liked was the fervent commitment to personal responsibility and focusing our minds in a positive way. A principle notion is: don't blame others for anything--you give away your power by doing so. There are a lot of beautiful affirmations in the chapters, and I know all too well how our thoughts can shape our reality. She's more "out there" than a lot of people I read, but I don't think her views are that divergent from a lot of spiritual, ancient wisdom. Some of the details are muddy, but it's the same way that a lot of things we believe are that way. Sometimes there's decent science behind certain practices we hold dear and essential, and other times we just believe and expect that science will catch up one day and be able to observe what we experience. It's that devil may care attitude that I needed to appreciate the book. She might say something wacky like that pain in your fingers is related to some sort of anger or pent up frustration or that a sour stomach is tied to deep grief/sadness (both of which I'm making up--hers sometimes had more logical connection than that but sometimes not...). But there's part of me these days that goes, "oh, okay, maybe that's true?" Either way, I'd like to read Maya Tiwari's "Women's Power to Heal" one of these days. It's in a long line of books!

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