Wednesday, July 4, 2012

a few projects

We started brewing kombucha on Father's Day, and our first batch is ready. I have the "mom/mamma" carefully stored in some kombucha for the next batch. For a few ways to learn about this wonderful drink, check here and here.
Then we got into some whey coolers (this one has a hibiscus base which we learned from Lindsay Wilson).
Today was my first sewing lesson with Physh. We went over the parts of the sewing machine, made a bobbin ready and worked on threading the machine. We made a little pillow, worked on different types of stitches, an then made this little blanket/quilt/pillow top. Another good thing was realizing some things I'll use a lot that I don't have yet. I felt like Z saying, "I'm so proud of myself!" since I really did the sewing on these (with Physh's careful eye and planning guiding me through it!).

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