Thursday, July 19, 2012

Home Rhythms: Bedtime

We're working on bedtime so much harder than we used to. Z seems to really struggle with fears, and we're doing our best to adjust our routines to become much more relaxing and connected. We find a lot of help from Nicole's suggestions on her own wonderful blog, Frontier Dreams. Soon to come is an Owl Bedtime Rhythm Chart from A Kid's Day. We'll refer to that to keep us all focused (especially with school resuming all too soon).
Our rhythm right now includes dinner, short play time, bath, clean up, reading/songs and snuggles. There are other particulars like teeth brushing, potty, getting water, turning on the turtles that make stars on the ceiling and nightlights, turning on song/white noise devices, combing hair and dousing ourselves with lavender water. Recently, we found them both Snoedels to help them have that soft, scented presence with them. We use lavender on them.
Besides the bedtime chart, we also await a CD called Sleep Fairy and a set of audio bedtime stories by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. Becky Kelly does some beautiful art featuring children, fairies, little animals etc. Here are two prints that we'll try to incorporate into what we look at during our lulling times. Her shop has adorable cards etc.
Anyone have helpful rhythms for bedtime?

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  1. The only thing that ever works with our kids, aside from nursing, is reading books together, and then we sing to them until they fall asleep.