Sunday, July 22, 2012

When in doubt, Vegetable Soup

I've been moaning a bit about the horrible foods I've been eating (not really thinking about what I'm eating, doing tons of sugar, soy and gluten). So maybe the answer (to start with) is to have some good old fashioned vegetable soup. Another wonderful bi-product is that I know I'm using up the wonderful veggies we grow, buy or that were gifts to us.
We know I have a soy allergy, and it's finally heightened. (I guess that's the silver lining around the misery I experienced after PF Chang's last week?) So I have to finally get serious about it and truly leave it alone. I found out about a few products, thanks to my friend Lindsay, that should be fine in small amounts. Fermented things like miso and tempeh might be a nice alternative. The lovely tamari we have here at home is too (maybe liquid aminos too). As for sugar, hmmm. That's probably something to keep going away from which is accomplished the way we avoid soy: I can't eat all that convenient, processed stuff. I think accomplishing this at home is very doable since we've been going in this direction a long time now. Where I struggle is when out--restaurants, friends' homes, special events etc. Perhaps I need to percolate a bit more on that one. Even though I don't have celiac disease, I could still have some intolerance of gluten. Many people believe we should work to avoid it in general. I learned today that homemade bread in smaller quantities should be okay, but processed yeast is a big problem in what they sell in the store. My new question is how do I pick out yeast at the store? :) Update, 7/23/12To follow up, Lindsay gave me some ideas for yeast substitutions. Apple cider vinegar and water with 1/2-1 tsp of baking soda will hopefully create the right reaction. The other is the same amount of baking soda with sauerkraut juice. These liquids would be taking the place of some of the others in the recipe. Let's give it a try! :)

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