Saturday, August 18, 2012

Baby doll blanket

For E at Christmas time, I have here a dolly's blanket. I made the quilt part with Physh during my sewing lesson. Then I sewed flannel on the back and did a fancy stitch X across it to keep the pieces better together (apart from the edges sewn all together).

Dream pillows

I'm working on Christmas gifts--dream pillows here. I did a few and will do some more. They are filled with a sewn muslin bag filled with a mix of herbs and essential oils that aid sleep. My sewing needs plenty of work, but I'm improving!

Full Moon Feast

At the behest of a friend and teacher, I finally read Full Moon Feast: Food and the Hunger for Connection by Jessica Prentice. So very glad I did--it's such an involved and involving adventure through our year.
Native cultures understood what it means to stay close to the concrete ways our earth works. As huge technological, chemical progress enshrouded in globalization hasn't really panned out, so many of us our searching our pasts to find answers our ancestors knew. The resurgence of wise food ways in cooking and gardening testifies to the same bit of longing or need. This lovely book goes through the 13 "moons" of our year and details how our predecessors understood each particular time. Then the chapters get really interesting, detailing current issues. At the end, they contain recipes that hearken to the particular time/season/issues. Themes explored are grains, sugars, hunger/fullness/deprivation, local and seasonal eating, eggs, milk, treatment of animals, fats (and diets), chemicals/toxins, mind-altering substances (focus is on alcohol), home brewing, herbal medicine, habitats, spiritual connections and community.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mead and Cider

I started some more mead this week--some different and same herbs (mugwort, feverfew, holy basil are different ones for this round); goji berries instead of pears.
To make cider, it seems as easy as pie. We just prepped the apples for juicing (with the extra steps of a vinegar wash and sitting outside for the good lacto-friendly bacteria to settle on my now waxless apples), juiced, capped and will watch the apple cider turn hard over the next couple of weeks. They say real, raw, homemade, fermented cider can heal your gut. Given the need for an endoscopy soon because of an unhealed ulcer and my general immune system troubles (80% of people's immunity is related to the gut), I'm very interested in that.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I have a wee one who is starting to show interest in dancing/ballerinas. What I think is rather marvelous it that it's due to the incredible art of E. Degas, more than anything else. She read Fancy Nancy: Aspiring Artist from the public library and keeps fixating on his contribution. I have a few surprises for her. Obviously Dover Publishing is my main go-to provider. On amazon, I found bookmarks, a little notebook, small cards and big cards, book: I dreamed I Was a Ballerina and a generic ballerina stained glass coloring book.
Not all of these have arrived, but a few have. She'll enjoy those when we go to TN this weekend, very unsuspecting. If she continues to show interest, we might find her a little Degas print for her room? For now, I like the small and large cards that we can display.