Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mead and Cider

I started some more mead this week--some different and same herbs (mugwort, feverfew, holy basil are different ones for this round); goji berries instead of pears.
To make cider, it seems as easy as pie. We just prepped the apples for juicing (with the extra steps of a vinegar wash and sitting outside for the good lacto-friendly bacteria to settle on my now waxless apples), juiced, capped and will watch the apple cider turn hard over the next couple of weeks. They say real, raw, homemade, fermented cider can heal your gut. Given the need for an endoscopy soon because of an unhealed ulcer and my general immune system troubles (80% of people's immunity is related to the gut), I'm very interested in that.

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