Friday, September 14, 2012

Allergy Season

We're proactive with the traditional medicines like claritan or nasonex, to be sure. Those things are just year-round things we do at home (all four of us does at least something) to prevent allergy troubles. But this week has been just plum awful for our noses. I thought I was going down sinus-infection-hill last night, but amazingly I bounced. Such was today's trajectory, and after the small things we can do for ourselves, I'm starting to feel a little better and believe I'll sleep well.
From doTERRA, I use OnGuard (diffused, back of the neck), Breathe (on my chest) and simple Oregano (on the bottoms of my feet at night) essential oils. Also, the neti pot is a regular fixture with salt and warm water. In addition, I'm happy to report that Urban Moonshine's "Immune Zoom" has proved effective if I take it every few hours. (The taste is actually pretty nice, oddly.) Drinking water, succumbing soon to sleep: these are also most excellent.

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