Sunday, September 30, 2012

Michaelmas preparations

Here's the beginning of our food for Michaelmas and Fall. We had a little get together at our house yesterday and enjoyed the good company of friends and family.


  1. Yum - what is the pumpkin thing and what is in the square red dish? Clearly I am hungry as I read your blog :)

  2. The pumpkin is a little cheeseball I found on pinterest--everyone including myself loved it. The red dish has various breads that some friends of mine, Finnegan's Baked Goods, make. They were banana choc chip bread, pumpkin and apple streudel (sp?). We also made chili with fixin's, various beverages, candied pecans and little dough cups filled with homemade applesauce and then baked. There were peanutbutter M&Ms and little debbies for guests unwilling to expanding their horizons (like our children).