Friday, October 19, 2012

Autumn Crafts

Z did make one with her marker already, but we had to give that to one of her former teachers. She is looking forward to drawing the faces on the other stones we painted orange today with acrylic paint. We were inspired by a project over at No Time for Flashcards.
Earlier, we used our washable paint. We made a tree trunk and branches brown with brushes and then used wine corks with other colors to do our foliage. Hers actually turned into a finger painting bonanza. The Picky Apple gave us this idea.
Last weekend we did some paint on a canvas with leaves we found and pressed from our yard collecting. We had to add glitter, no question. Jean over at the Artful Parent has such fabulous ideas (like this one), and her e-book "The Artful Year: Autumn" is currently available for a pay-the-amount-you-can price. Wow! We love her book. We'd like to try her apple cheddar handpie recipe soon among so many other crafts!

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