Sunday, November 25, 2012

Fresh in the down season

Here are wonderful greens and veggies from our garden, Taylor Creek Farm and broccoli from another farm (friend to Taylor Creek's). It's surprising to see all this green goodness this time of year, but be encouraged. I'm not saying January will look like this, but maybe it will? This is the first year we're growing food in the Fall/Winter. It's all the first year we've had a CSA relationship, and the Taylors will keep us in produces as much/long as they can. We're talking three varieties of kale, different greens (beet, kohlrabi, collards), baby romaine, cabbage, brussels sprouts (not pictured), radishes (not pictured) and fennel. I know this time of year doesn't feature brightly colored fruits and sweet vegetables, but it's rich none the less.

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