Sunday, November 18, 2012

Homemade Enzyme Cleaner

I will learn how to make more and more cleaners since I'm tired of worrying about the ingredients in what we buy and the large price tags on them. Laundry soap is one thing in my future. For now, I've done vinegar-herb cleaners; and lately I've been working on Jillee's Citrus Enzyme Cleaner.
I'm fermenting my second batch now. I have pure cleaner stored under my sink particularly for clogged drains. The spray bottle has a 10 to 1 solution for basic cleaning.


  1. The Kind Life website has a good laundry soap recipe with the main ingredient as borax.

  2. I'm supposed to do a workshop this winter on homemade cleaners, but I'll check there anyway. :) I might not be able to wait. I also have castille soap I made in the crockpot that I can grate into the laundry soap. Yippee!