Sunday, November 18, 2012

Winterize Your Kids

Recently, Learning Herbs' John Gallagher hosted Aviva Romm doing a free webinar about Winterizing our kids. It was a terrific education, and I took lots of notes. Some things I took away were a garlic lemonade recipe that I want to try out, ice pops (made of a mix of apple juice and a mixed tea infusion that makes me think of our fairy tea from this summer--which we haven't needed or tried yet since it's a treatment often), immune boosting supplements, echinacea tincture hidden in juice (haven't tried yet) and using elderberry syrup as both treatment and prevention. Z doesn't care for the syrup so we do a few M&Ms afterwards to kill the aftertaste. I'm sure that doesn't gell with limiting their sugar intake to prevent sickness, but it's a fair compromise in our house. We still haven't worked in the extra Vitamin D.

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