Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Enneagram

This is sort of a book review, but the topic/interest goes beyond one book for sure. I read Riso and Hudson's The Wisdom of the Enneagram recently, and there's so much helpful information here. My "type" was Nine (The Peacemaker) which isn't shocking. What I did find interesting, however, was the ways a person like me gets blocked and how we could flow better. There's in-depth information about your type along with a couple of quizzes. Also, there's background information on the enneagram itself and how to process/use the information. The specific type information gives me a lot to focus on in terms of personal awareness and journal time (if I'll take it).
The background information was amazing as a look at all types. Also, there is insight into how I can be a more supportive parent in terms of the girls' possible needs, pitfalls and encouragement. There are many messages linked to childhood in the book, and it made me want to post something on their walls with affirmations or write them a letter for when they can read! But really, it would be general. Not only does each person have the capacity to operate in each area, but no one reeeeally knows another person's type. It would be for my girls to sort out rather than for me to peg for them. I have a feeling that I'll have my suspicions. (The Greek Temperaments are so much easier that way.) All in all, I highly recommend this book (or others like it) if you're any kind of seeker or spiritual person. (The book honors the wisdom of many traditions and doesn't seem to displace any if you're concerned about your particular faith.) If you want a go at some simple quizzes, check out this RHETI Enneagram Test.

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