Saturday, April 20, 2013

Essiac Tea Workshop

I have no lovely photos to post especially since my attention was so focused on my workshop today.  I learned so much!  We were there to learn how to brew the "original" Essiac Tea (don't be fooled by all the variety on the internet purporting to be the right blend).  Donna Ritter is a naturopathic practitioner, and I got as much from simply talking with her and listening to her general perspective as I did in learning how to do the tea (and acquire materials).  It was eye-opening, and she talked with me about my own health for a while.  She made suggestions and didn't charge a thing.  The thing I really enjoyed about her was her down home feel and way of being honest and hilarious.  I'm going to ask her to present a workshop or two up here also (the tea and making your own kefir).

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