Friday, April 26, 2013

Taking back our Health: Digestive Stuff

I started down this path of taking care of myself without taking dangerous pharmaceuticals, and I have dropped down from a PPI each day and two zantac to half a PPI every other day with a little zantac off and on for trouble shooting.  I learned that you can use slippery elm lozenges and a safer antacid called briochi (brand name I think).  I read various places that taking aloe juice/water helps and that supplements like L-glutamine and Colostrum would be beneficial.  I read that some people use traditional bitters etc. to aid in digestion.

Before the gallbladder surgery, I heard about DGL as a protectant in the stomach; and after surgery, one friend recommended some kind of daily essential enzymes since I wouldn't have a gallbladder to break down fats.

I've done a combination of some of things, and as you read, I've been dropping down.  Now I'd like to get rid of that detrimental medicine all together (search the dangers of PPIs like nexium and protonix to see what I'm talking about).  There are several things I learned I could do (from Naturopathic Practioner, Donna Ritter, at that workshop I recently attended) to address digestive problems related to reflux, my gallbladder being taken out and general acid discomfort.

Donna recommended the aloe juice/water for sure, and she added aloe capsules.  There's a blend (Traditional Chinese Medicine I think) called "Liv/Gall Calm" to take, and she'd like me to use another blend (likely also TCM) called Fiber Cleanse (mainly for the Cascada Sagrada included).  To help further alkalize the inner body, I'm doing a green drink called "Life Source."  Obviously, I'm incorporating the Essiac Tea as a general health preventative, and it too helps those organs/systems.

Several of these things were found at a little company out of NC called "New Sun."  I need to brag about them a bit.  The stuff I ordered got here in two days.  They are accessible online or by phone.  The Life Source green drink is the main thing I'd like to mention.  Oh my: we're talking spirulina, wheat grass, and chlorella (along with a bunch of other really healthy stuff).  Those drinks usually don't make it down my esophagus without severe gagging and nose-plugging, but I handle this one just fine!  What a relief.  (It does come in capsule form if you're not up for the drink.)

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