Sunday, May 26, 2013

March against Monsanto in Cleveland, GA

 This could be a very long blog post indeed.  I'm going to try for it not to be since information is so readily available if you type in "Monsanto" and "no GMOs" or something like that.
 We marched in 55 countries--over 400 cities.  It's rare that I put out the energy to be against something (rather than for something), but in the case of Monsanto, it's worth every minute and chant.
 They're responsible for the horrors of big ag monoculture, monopoly and utter colony collapse (of bees) that effects most of what we eat.
 They're behind the huge cancer epidemic plaguing our nation.
 They're the source of the suicide gene and the attempt to patent life itself.  What greater arrogance to put oneself above God Himself, I can't imagine.  It's simply the buying and selling of it, the destruction of biodiversity to line pockets.  Jesus himself would probably overturn their table.
 They go against what a lot of Americans stand for and the freedoms we cherish.  They trick and then swindle small farmers out of their livelihoods for dictatorial and fascist gain/reasons.
 They are the plague of our earth currently, and they threaten our chance of survival.
Monsanto is a corporate sociopath, and millions of people stood up to them Saturday (including me).  If you want to make sure you don't end up buying their products, download the free app called "Buycott."