Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Carol Tuttle

I want to mention a resource as much as to talk about one of the books I've finished recently.  Originally, I thought about just putting my normal book reflections here;  but the ideas are woven with others that are highly valuable.
The Child Whisperer: The Ultimate Handbook for Raising Happy, Successful, Cooperative Children
The Child Whisperer is a fantastic book about raising kids and looks deeply at four energy types and how they think (at various ages) with lots of examples.  I THINK I have it down to Zoë being a 4 (not sure about secondary) and Eleni as a 3 (secondary 2).  I need to study their faces more because the energy types are traceable in our features even.  (Here are videos that help with that.) There was a lot of discussion in this book about how to support our kids true to their type and needs.  It made me think a lot about various expectations we have that might or might not be necessary but because we were raised this way we assume it's good for all kids etc.  It's interesting.  Lots to ponder.

First, I should talk about who Carol Tuttle is.  She is an energy healer and a spiritual teacher.  In her grounding beliefs, we see a lot of familiarity since she's a Christian and is very interested in serving God.  I think she's a perfect bridge for a lot of people who worry about dabbling in the uncomfortable. I first heard of her because of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique or "Tapping," as it is called) which is a wonderful way to sort of hit the resent button on your nervous system (very helpful as regards stress).  (There are many sources for EFT, but The Tapping Solution stuff by Nick Ortner is where I started.  He holds a tapping summit each year where you can hear talks and practice tapping for free.)  Then I realized she had her own very comprehensive body of work.

She offers quite a lot free online--I did the Energy Profiling tutorial stuff for free and found where I fit very easily.  It's harder for me to nail where my girls fit, but I'm getting a clearer picture these days.  The energy typing is different from personality types etc.  It's about the type of movement you have/express more than personal quirks so much.  (I'm a Type 2, by the way.)  Her book on the subject is called It's Just My Nature.

Then I explored her Dressing Your Truth work which has free components too.  It might be odd that I took any plunges there and actually spent money since I can be low on the frill factor this way, but I did.  I did the tutorials there and have guides/info.  I'm sorry to say I haven't read that accompanying book (yet) and did pass it on.  One day I'll probably revise things that way.  This program is so very freeing--to understand beauty as part of your natural expression rather than trying to fit with all the fads, fashions and body imaging world.  I'm not sure if this is true for me, but many of the women I see who dress according to their energy types look much younger.

It feels so much easier to put together my outfits for work, and that has all become a lot of fun for me.  (I confess that I'm lazy about it at home.)  She has club nights that are recorded each month so we get to learn new stuff as we go along.  There is all kinds of support--even down to hairstyles and accessories that seem to jive with types.  The Carol Blog is a good resource for a lot of her material and different areas too.

They have other programs too, but these are the ones I am familiar with.  Her reach and that of her team is pretty prolific, and I think she is so successful because so much of what she teaches is necessary these days. So many of us are very wounded and out of balance.  I'm curious to read her earlier book Remembering Wholeness.  I'll get to that one probably next.

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