Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Artful Parent

If you are feeling a little uninspired about incorporating more art into life with young kids, Jean Van't Hul has a great resource available (aside from her already wonderful blog The Artful Parent.
I have earmarked the heck out of that book, and we've hardly gotten started.  Her ideas aren't absolutely crazy-out-there, but they are things we just don't think of on a regular basis.  I really like that she also addressed how to talk about kids' art with them and how to display their work.  I made a pretty long list of either the projects or materials she referenced that we'd like to incorporate.  Her book also made me feel affirmed in terms of some of the things we are already trying to include.  

We also have three of her four e-books that are seasonable.  Summer is the only one we haven't downloaded.  The other three have fabulous ideas.  I was encouraged to see that the physical book is definitely far from a repeat of either her site in general or the ebooks.  I'm sure there is some common information, but it was still worth it to me to have purchased the book as well as those ebooks before.

I also recently took time to reread Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne.  The contents are ever like a balm to our days.  I've considered buying several copies to just have on hand for gifts as friends and families have sweet babies or even when those great conversations that reference the book and where I feel like I can't say or explain enough as well as his book does.

One of these days, I'll get around to his new book on Whole Child Sports.  I had the good fortune of being part of his Soul of Discipline course online (for 0-9 years).  As a parent and teacher, I'll likely do his course for older kids too.  I'm contemplating in the long run trying to do the group leader training for Simplicity Parenting and starting a little group around here.  I think we all need this kind of encouragement.  The idea of simplifying resonates so much in our complicated world anyway, and I'm sure Eric and I aren't the only parents who are concerned for our children's systems and hyper paces.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Christmas for the girls

We decided on our main gift for the girls: play stands.  There are many ways to use them--it's a truly open-ended "toy" that doesn't have to even be stored in its full form.  I've wanted to get these for a long time.  I think some grandparents might get a silk for the top.
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