Saturday, November 9, 2013

In great news: Arcade Fire!

I feel like my 20-something year old, music-obsessed fan self again.  Can't get enough Arcade Fire.  Now, the other three albums rock, no lie--each one is fabulous.  And as this fourth came out, I wondered if they could keep it up?  Yowzah, they can.  Whoop!  They shine live so here's a taste:
The thing that just gets me over and over is how versatile each member of the band is--how many instruments they play, their rolls in writing, recording and producing music, their vast array of odd past training that makes them who they are.  You have all "sorts" of student artists among them (film, contemporary dance, orchestra, literature, religion), and they end up a great indie rock band.  There's amazing fusion in their work.  I think synthesis is one of my greatest joys in the arts (and really anything) so when Regine pulls out a hurdy gurdy I just get excited.  When the bassist becomes the drummer or a violinist switches to keyboards, I get excited.

Their video for Reflektor (the title track) is pretty interesting given all those thoughtful lyrics.

And they've been doing SNL appearances too.

If you haven't had the pleasure of the former work, check out some of their live shows:

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