Monday, December 30, 2013

Folk Medicine: A New England Almanac of Natural Health Care From A Noted Vermont Country Doctor

DC Jarvis' book is like a bible to our naturopath.  (She picks it up and references it almost every visit I make.)  It's practical Vermont folk medicine essentially, and there's plenty of examples of certain protocols.  I will say, as a simple take-a-way, that you could just add a few things to essentially be in the proactive clear as regards much of what he talks about.
Local raw honey, apple cider vinegar (the good stuff like Bragg's), lugols/iodine, kelp and castor oil are the main things.  I kinda like the ACV combine with the honey with hot water poured in.  It's a bit like warm apple cider.  We're already doing the lugols in a juice from time to time, and fortunately I have castor oil around (for remedies and soap-making reasons).  I guess kelp is next.

The Parent's Tao Te Ching: Ancient Advice for Modern Parents

William Martin wrote this amazing book.  I saw a page on a facebook meme passed around from amazed person to person and decided to find the source and read it.  It's not long at all.  Martin took what Lao Tzu taught in the Tao Te Ching and set it into simple words/verse on the area of parenting.  The actual Tao Te Ching is super simple, and Martin didn't want to take away the essence by making it a typical theory/practice/parenting book.  For a parenting book, this one is very short/simple.  There's tons of meat to it though.  I could feel the transformative aspects almost coming off the page, wow.  It felt a little like the effects of meditation.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Preparations

Each night, we've been working on things for our friends and family.

Last night was Eric's fudge and a sleep shirt with art.  From E: a puppy dog (back side of shirt, using iron-on transfer stuff).
 From Z: The gals from "Frozen" since Papa's softest-sweatshirt-ever! was a nice icy blue.

Tonight, it's peppermint bark and another sleep shirt with art.  For another Papa, the favorite team.  I'm quite impressed with Z's artwork here!
The girls made lots of gift bags this year.  We got plain white ones from Michaels, did chalk pastels and marker drawings and text on many plus attached items like dried oranges with cloves, candy canes made from pipe cleaners, trees decorated from any art medium you can think of and doilies that had the watercolor treatment a la snowflakes.

We painted a lot of wooden ornaments and ceramic ones (also from Michaels) to gift.  Some of our dear ones have some of Cliff's Jarhead Jellies (with hot peppers in some cases).  We utilized Taproot's Print Shop for a gift or two.  We're huge fans of Phoebe Wahl, and we know that some of our friends are too.

Gel sniffers are a new one this year.  They won't look like anything special; but with the high quality doTERRA essential oils, they'll smell like a million bucks (and have healing qualities).

We have plants to give too.  They're little offshoots of some of our favorite air-cleaning, oxygen-giving, indoor plants.  This has been a fun endeavor in that we got to see the roots grown of most of these in water when we clipped them.  They have been beautiful decor, if you will, while we got them ready to share.

I have just recently ordered my soap-making supplies (and candle making supplies, woo hoo--new project).  I'm sure they'll be a happy addition to a normal Winter day.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Anna Breytenbach

I just wanted to share an interesting resource and experience from South Africa.  It touched me deeply that our world is so connected and communicative.  This video is an exerpt from the larger documentary about her work.
Anna Breytenbach does a lot of healing work for and with animals (and even plants I think).  I was really struck by her experiences.