Monday, December 30, 2013

Folk Medicine: A New England Almanac of Natural Health Care From A Noted Vermont Country Doctor

DC Jarvis' book is like a bible to our naturopath.  (She picks it up and references it almost every visit I make.)  It's practical Vermont folk medicine essentially, and there's plenty of examples of certain protocols.  I will say, as a simple take-a-way, that you could just add a few things to essentially be in the proactive clear as regards much of what he talks about.
Local raw honey, apple cider vinegar (the good stuff like Bragg's), lugols/iodine, kelp and castor oil are the main things.  I kinda like the ACV combine with the honey with hot water poured in.  It's a bit like warm apple cider.  We're already doing the lugols in a juice from time to time, and fortunately I have castor oil around (for remedies and soap-making reasons).  I guess kelp is next.

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