Saturday, February 15, 2014


I realize "student-ing" isn't a verb, but that's what I'm excited about these days.

Here and there, I end up referencing Kim John Payne's work through Simplicity Parenting (and the Soul of Discipline).  I've been pondering doing their distance training program to become a coach/group leader and decided to take the plunge this Spring.  We had one session as an orientation, and it was so lovely.  I'm really thrilled to work through not only the facilitating aspects of this work but selfishly a deeper expression (main reason) of these principles in our own home.  We start "regular" sessions/work The first Saturday in March which carry us to the beginning of May (with an Easter break in there).  The assignments are all things that are appealing--it's so nice to WANT to do "work."

The lesser but no doubt majorly important course I'm working through is Todd Sarner's Transformative Parenting Online Course.  He offered some freebie webinars which were fantastic.  (I mentioned him a blog or two back in conjunction with Gordon Neufeld's book.)  I say "lesser" in that it's not any sort of certification program, and assignments are more like listening to the webinars and journaling if we choose to (alongside trying things out).  The heart of this work is attachment: where it is, how strong, how nourishing etc.  It's also thrilling.  The nice thing is that the modules will up for many months after the course is finished so that if I find time lacking, there are no deadlines there.

I probably won't be reading too many "other" books this Spring. :)

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