Tuesday, February 4, 2014


It's very timely that this last weekend (otherwise known as Candlemas) was my TM Residence Course--it's like a vacation/retreat really.  But as people clean out/declutter after Advent and put on fresh linens for Candlemas, it's neat that we had a chance to de-stress even more.

I'm not sure that I've ever talked about TM (Transcendental Meditation) here on my blog, but I've had the privilege to practice it for about 11 months now.  It has changed so many things and facilitated some new perspective.  While I don't want to sound cheesy or like I'm selling something, this stuff really has changed my life.

Stress has always been a trouble spot for me, and it even came to play in my health.  My main reason for learning TM was wanting to manage/get rid of it.  So far, that's definitely a part of it.  It's a huge, wonderful gift that way.  I don't have so many knee-jerk reactions (even in what I eat).  Things at work don't get to me the way they did.  I'm a far more patient and discerning mom.  These changes are terribly exciting especially since I haven't even done this a full year yet.

My teacher, Mark Cohen, or any TM teacher can give a much richer presentation than I can in the sense of what is happening mentally and biochemically in the body and how even the mechanics of TM relates to quantum physics.  It really does all come together.  Dr. Oz recommends it for lowering blood pressure and cholesterol.  He had his entire staff trained.  (Oprah did too.)  Veterans with PTSD are finding new life with this technique.  Kids who faced failure and fights are learning to manage themselves and finding success at school.  Here's a video that, to me, touches on the powerful tool that TM is.

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