Sunday, March 23, 2014

Appreciated Films

We avoid TV/movies almost always.  It's certain that if you count up screen time at school and the visits to family's homes, you'd see quite a large number of hours.  This sort of thing can sneak up on us in particular so our basic rule is none.

But sometimes we have family movie night somewhere in the span of a weekend.  We've been going through recommendations of other families and things we saw this summer during the dollar visits they offer to families.  Yet those are very technologically sophisticated--overly stimulating in most cases.  So I was thinking about classics a bit or even newer films that have an artistic edge that makes them particularly winsome.

Here are some of our favorites.

The Labyrinth

Z has even written and illustrated a story about this one, setting herself and E in it.  They love the soundtrack!  I think they might be a bit obsessed with David Bowie.  (Well, who isn't?)

The Neverending Story

This one is a bit up and down with excitement and emotions--we don't watch it often.  It's lots of precious imagination though--and the power of our own intentions.  That's something I'd love for the girls to hold in the deeper recesses of their memories.

Pippi Longstocking

Don't you remember wishing we could live like Pippi or even be her friend?  Eric finds the overdub delays a little annoying, but the girls and I aren't phased by it.  Again: it's what can be sparked in the imagination.  A tree that houses lemonade.  Money that isn't a worry at all.  Disturbing a fancy tea party but enough patience from adults to not ruin life.


This is captivating to our girls, but I find myself very engulfed in the beauty and scope of this Japanimation.  It's simply awesome.  Along that vein is another sweet and safe Anime film:

Kiki's Delivery Service

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