Saturday, April 26, 2014

She's a David Bowie Fan

So some genius on etsy made this pillow.
Labyrinth, Jareth, pillow, cushion, David Bowie, plush
ZoĆ« wants a David Bowie/Jareth pillow for her birthday.  I guess you know what's gonna happen!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Party Favors

Some of our favorite party favors are those we prepared ourselves.  We made strawberry preserves, and we have also done flowers in small pots and market tote crafts before.  If we don't make it, it'd be nice that it be carefully made by another such industrious soul.  Here are some of the ideas we have seen and liked.

Rainbow Waldorf fairy wooden bead personalized tree-slice necklace for girls boys kids
Necklaces either with window stars or with wooden slices.  The lady from etsy making the wooden slice version has kits that we could make for a lot less.

Basic window stars in general would make a lovely gift.  Some kind of handmade notebooks would be great.  We could do some watercolor work and then bind them.  A string with string games is another idea.
Sarahs Silks String Games
We could make some paper lanterns which we did a couple of falls back--they're nice little touches of handmade.

Birthday Gifts for Summer Birthday Girls

For E, the birthday gift is already decided (and was quite a while back).  At four, we think it's important to have a special doll--one that favors the child and one who can become a vessel for all the projected questions, thoughts, fears, excitement etc.  The face is ready for any expression and free to be interpreted anyway she'd need.  Here she is!
She'll be sitting with her crown that's just like E's birthday crown (which we ordered a couple of years ago when we had Z's doll's made) in the birthday girl's chair, rainbow silks adorning it, ready to greet her on that special morning.  Now Z's "Winifred" will have a friend, a sister, if you will.  I wonder which name E will give her.

Another idea we did have for E was a set of red (or another color?) tools that are real--that have some weight to them.  She seems to really enjoy how things work and would probably like to work on real hammering and what not.

For Z, it's a bit harder.  There are these weighted baby dolls that seem really nice, but I don't know if she'd appreciate them or not?  They are remarked on as being very realistic and calming--2 or 2.5 lbs and more like holding an actual baby.
Heavy Baby, Weighted Waldorf Doll, Millet
There are dress up supplies from Sarah's Silks that I've been eyeing too.  These veils are so pretty, and I've considered the blue-rainbow fairy skirt.  She also has nice cotton cloths.
Silk Veil, Sarah's Silks
Some games/puzzles/crafts are also on the amazon wishlist we have for the girls.  If we don't get one particularly strong gift, we'll do a few smaller ones.  Or maybe less?  (After all, we're working on that.)

Saturday, April 19, 2014


We took some steps forward and some steps backward when it came to Easter this year.  We have striven to really dial back gifts so that we can minimize any overwhelm we could be creating there...also so that we don't keep throwing material goods at our relationships.  (We have this habit.)
 The girls' baskets almost included Hapkido uniforms as the large gift, but then we got the joint gift of the curvy board.  A few things in here are to share like the Ostheimer figures.  They received a stencil each, gel pens, a book (The Apple Pip Princess and The Paper Bag Princess), a new journal (100% recycled materials: The Decomposition Book), a lavender eye pillow for after yoga or bedtime and a couple of candy items.  These gifts go with what we do together--make stuff, read, yoga, snuggle.
 While Z got one more wooden figure, E got a vintage egg with doggies.
 I know you're realizing that the curvy/rocker board is for more than just the girls.  You might also see other items that aren't part of Easter like the kids' wheel barrow and the kitchen tools--we realized it was going to be overkill.  (We had a good intention at first since they too reflected things we do together: happy chores, gardening/outside play.)  Maybe we ended up reasonable?
To be considered when we look at holidays are all the other sources of gifts.  They have three other occasions with family that involve gifts (spanning from a little to a lot).  And truly: we are grateful for the thought and time our loved ones give our girls.  You'll never meet more cared for children.  Then, they also took part in school celebrations this week.  What's a simplifying mama to do?