Saturday, April 19, 2014


We took some steps forward and some steps backward when it came to Easter this year.  We have striven to really dial back gifts so that we can minimize any overwhelm we could be creating there...also so that we don't keep throwing material goods at our relationships.  (We have this habit.)
 The girls' baskets almost included Hapkido uniforms as the large gift, but then we got the joint gift of the curvy board.  A few things in here are to share like the Ostheimer figures.  They received a stencil each, gel pens, a book (The Apple Pip Princess and The Paper Bag Princess), a new journal (100% recycled materials: The Decomposition Book), a lavender eye pillow for after yoga or bedtime and a couple of candy items.  These gifts go with what we do together--make stuff, read, yoga, snuggle.
 While Z got one more wooden figure, E got a vintage egg with doggies.
 I know you're realizing that the curvy/rocker board is for more than just the girls.  You might also see other items that aren't part of Easter like the kids' wheel barrow and the kitchen tools--we realized it was going to be overkill.  (We had a good intention at first since they too reflected things we do together: happy chores, gardening/outside play.)  Maybe we ended up reasonable?
To be considered when we look at holidays are all the other sources of gifts.  They have three other occasions with family that involve gifts (spanning from a little to a lot).  And truly: we are grateful for the thought and time our loved ones give our girls.  You'll never meet more cared for children.  Then, they also took part in school celebrations this week.  What's a simplifying mama to do?

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