Sunday, April 20, 2014

Party Favors

Some of our favorite party favors are those we prepared ourselves.  We made strawberry preserves, and we have also done flowers in small pots and market tote crafts before.  If we don't make it, it'd be nice that it be carefully made by another such industrious soul.  Here are some of the ideas we have seen and liked.

Rainbow Waldorf fairy wooden bead personalized tree-slice necklace for girls boys kids
Necklaces either with window stars or with wooden slices.  The lady from etsy making the wooden slice version has kits that we could make for a lot less.

Basic window stars in general would make a lovely gift.  Some kind of handmade notebooks would be great.  We could do some watercolor work and then bind them.  A string with string games is another idea.
Sarahs Silks String Games
We could make some paper lanterns which we did a couple of falls back--they're nice little touches of handmade.

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