Sunday, June 22, 2014

Friend's Birthday Gift

When we were "shopping" recently for a gift for a little boy whose party we were invited to, it was interesting how all the trappings and wrappings added up.  For the cost of such things, we could make a little something extra.  We used fabric markers on a blank tote and make the cards.  Inside we placed mainly art supplies (and then some bubbles for good measure).  Once there, it struck me that all the other gifts were (large) toys so ours was a little different.  We never know what to do for little boys, honestly.  But all children (that we know) like to make things.
Each girl made her own card, and each one decorated one side of the tote.  The E side we have here is the family's water slide with her, the little boy and the dog in the center.


  1. I love this idea. Even for adult gifts, we try to give reusable grocery bags or canvas totes.

  2. I'm thinking that my next sewing "learning" should be a good market tote bag. I use bags and baskets in so many ways. Our favorite baskets: