Friday, June 13, 2014

More music in our day

We're working with songs for transitions and just to make things fun.  The day could flow more peacefully with these songs.  Even though Z is a bit older for this merry-making, she's good about going along with these things.

Here is one we found for the bath:

Tiny Turtle Song

A lot came from Intellidancing, a group from Canada who has classes for kids 0-5.  Here are some that we tried:

Open Shut Them
This is part of Eleni's meal blessing from daycare. :)

Clap Your Hands
This one is quite familiar to us as it's part of a CD we like to sing and play instruments with, but it has other actions we haven't tried.

Jack Be Nimble

Spicey Salsa
This one is a take on the peanut butter song. :)

IntelliShakers Action Song(s)

We have more resources on CD to work with/through and adopt as we like them.  We'll post about all that if it's helpful.  We start a week of Kindermusik soon so this is a good beginning for that as well.

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